Wizardbrush 6.2

multilayered natural painting software
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Wizardbrush has many unique natural painting tools with multi-layer feature. Wizardbrush comes with many painting tools, including pencill, Magic Wand, paint brush, Chinese brush, and many other tools. Powerful Undo/Redo Function: Wizardbrush gives you the power to undo and redo 20 steps, so do not be afraid of making mistakes. Tutorial galleries: Wizardbrush contains a great number of tutorial record clips. You can easily learn how to draw pictures of different styles. If you are a teacher, you can make tutorial record clips conveniently. Painting for newbies: Need help? Wizardbrush has very convenien context sensitive online help. Customize your workspace: So you can easily customize your work area as you like, Wizardbrush's palettes and toolbars can be repositioned around the screen. Works great with digital cameras and scanners. In addition to the images you have stored on hard drive, floppy disk, CD-ROM, and other removable media, Wizardbrush works great with digital cameras, scanners, and all other TWAIN-compliant devices. Works great with pressure-sensitive tablets. In addition to the mouse, Wizardbrush works great with images propressure-sensitive Wintab-compliant tablets. You will feel like using real tools powerfully.

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